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Mask Respirator Mask I
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Specification of Mask Respirator Mask I

Equipment Safety Mask Respirator I

Equipment Safety Mask Respirator I is a device designed to protect the wearer from inhaling something that can impact hazard eg when inhaling: dust, smoke, vapor, or gas. Respirator masks are available in various types and sizes that are commonly used by industry, military, private and public. There are two kinds of disposable respirators and respirator Respirator replaceable cartridge of carbon discharged her at the time.

Shield Full Face Masks, Respirators Chemical

Silicon Face Shield

4 Color Frame For Options

Cert. Ccs, Ce

one Filter

Shield Full Face Masks, Respirators Chemical

This kind of respirator Privacy Is Important Toxic-Gas-Protecting Respiratory Equipment When Fires Occur Hotel, Office Building, Department Store, Bank, Post and Telecommunications, Pwer Industry, Entertainment And Live Set Points, Etc.


1. Anti-Fog

2 Large Mask With Full Field of View

Silicon Rubber 3


Product Description

1 Special Designed to Fit Your Face Shape Human, Anti-Fog, Unique Double Ani-Fog Functions

3 Made Of Silicone Rubber Soft And Comfortable

4 Lens Outer Surface Hardening Procssed With The Most Advanced Technique In The World, Life Care is 3-4 times Instead Mask Protector General.

5 Good Affect Ability Resistance, That Is The Best Option For You

6 Single - Type Tubes And Double-Tubes For options, Provide Best Security Protection For Your Employees

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