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Safety Equipment Haws 7260 Bt
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14 Nov 2019
United States
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Specification of

Safety equipment Haws 7260 Bt

Safety equipment Haws 7260 Bt


Wall Mounted With Trap

7260B *

Wall Mounted With Waste tailpiece




Receptor: Safety Green Abs Plastic Hold Against Damage From Alkalies, Salt solutions, oils, most acids.

Head: Twin Soft-Flo ** patented Abs Plastic Antisurge eyewash head in Safety Green (Model SP11). Dust Covers Protect Head And Automatically Released With Air Pressure.

Activation: Stainless Steel Push Open Krom Flag Operating Stayed Plated Brass Ball Valve Equipped With Steel Ball And Rods.

Signs: Signs Including Emergency Universal.

Color: Safety Green, per ANSI Z535.1-1991 Pointing Safety and First Aid Locations And Safety Equipment.

Flow Control: Stable Air Flow Pressure Under Different-Different With Dual Automatic Pressure Compensation Device.

Filters: Completely Serviceable In-Line, Mesh Sieve 50 X 50 Filter Debris Debris From Achieving Eye Wash. Mounting: Anodized aluminum wall bracket.

Trap: 1-1 / 2 & Quot; Ips Satin Chrome Plated trap.


Supply: 1/2 & Quot; Ips

Waste: 7260Bt - 1-1 / 2 & Quot; Ips, 7260B - 1-1 / 4 & Quot; Od tailpiece, 7260-1-1 / 4 & Quot; Ips

Shipping Weight: 7260Bt - 8 Lbs, 7260B - 7 Lbs, 7260-7 Lbs.

Options (Additional Cost)

Sp220w Model: Wall Mounted Foot Control Panel Allows Users To Enable Without Hands.

Model Twbs.Ew: Tempered Air Mixing System Designed Especially For Eye Wash sink unit.

* Patent Pending

** Patents No. 3,809,315

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