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Fireman Jacket Nomex Iiia

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27 Dec 2022
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Specification of Fireman Jacket Nomex Iiia

Fireman Jacket Nomex IIIA

Fireman Jacket Nomex IIIA is Industry Standard For Petrochemicals, Utilities, Military Applications, Racing Car, Volunteer Firefighters And Can Be Used For Professional And Clothing Flash bow.

Not Recommended For

Use Around Fluid, Las Operations, Or In Critical Static Control Applications.

fire Resistance

Are Inherently Flame Resistant And Property Can not degraded by laundering.


Will Coloring In Various Colors Mixed With Colorfast For Laundering, Some Feel Good, Some Fair;

Also Available In The Form Of Mana Solution Dyed Fibers Fibers Dyed In The Formation Process. This Border Color Selection, but colorfastness Provide Enhanced With Rising Costs.

Effect of Acid and Alkalis

Fiber Unaffected By Acid Most, Except For Some Older Losing Strength After Exposure To Nitrate Chloride, and Sulfate. It Has Resistance Generally Good For Alkalis.

Effect of Whitening And Solvents

Fiber What Not Affected By The Most Whitening And Solvents, Except For Some Older Losing Strength After Exposure To Bleach Sodium Chlorite.

Effect of Mushrooms, Sunlight Aging, And Abrasion

Materials Have A Very Good Resistance Against Fungi, Aging And Abrasion. Colors (undyed) Natural Will Not White And Yellow With Sun Exposure.

Thermal Stability

Having Thermal Stability The Good And Not Melts. The Unraveling fiber Between 700 degrees F. - 800 degrees F. And Keep And Not Recommended For Use In All of Fluid Or Welding Operations. Contact Liquid Heat Will Will Stick In Fiber, Forming Hole.


For Best Color Retention, Wash Processing To Do At 140 degrees F. Or Less In Buffer, Nonionic Detergent. However, the High Temperature / Hard Washing Detergents Only Will Affect Color, Not Performance Fabrics. Garments may be Dry Cleaned Good In The solvent perchlorethylene or Petroleum. They might Conditioned Or Tunnel End Up With 280 degrees F. Temperatures Cain.

garment Cost

Garments Cost Approximately five times Uch As Conventional 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton, And About 2 Times More Cotton Fr.

garment Life

In Normal Condition Wear, For 3-5 Years, Or 2-3 Kali Conventional Life Polyester 65% / 35% Cotton and Cotton Life time 3-5 Fr.

Apparel Very Durable And Can Be Expected To Perform With Good For Many Years In Applications Where Longevity can be utilized.

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